About Us

Who We Are

We are a collective of creative experts who push beyond the status quo. We make no apologies for it. We are tenacious and fiercely dedicated to  ensuring our work is outstanding and stands out. We partner exclusively with clients committed to creating experiences that transcend the realms of possibility.

Our Origins

Founded in 2022, Resonate XM represents the vision of events and marketing specialist, Kim Doyle. A change-maker known for pushing the boundaries in pursuit of evolution, Kim set out to build a bold collective of like-minded creatives. 

Her concept was simple: create a space where people – creatives and clients – are treated as people first and celebrated for their unique talents. Then bring them together to make magic happen. 

From the moment Kim put her idea into the world, it had a powerful gravitational pull. In no time Resonate XM was stacked with cream-of-the-crop creatives and clients were knocking at the door. The concept of a creative collective resonated. 

In the time between now and then, Resonate XM has made its mark on Atlantic Canada’s events and entertainment industry with its fierce commitment to creating exceptional experiences. 

Impact That Resonates

Resonate XM specializes in envisioning and bringing remarkable experiences to life. What resonates with us? Our collective drive to create moments that move people beyond words, transcend their wildest expectations and make a lasting impact on our communities. 

The Resonate ‘X’ Factor

Invoking a new imagining of the creative agency, every member of Resonate XM is a master of their craft. We offer our clients access to a collective of creatives selected for the expertise they can bring to the specific project.

We embrace the philosophy that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. By tapping into the aggregate creativity and multiple lenses of experience within our collective, Resonate XM can deliver an ‘X’ponential impact.

Dream BIG, because we’re bringing the Resonate ‘X’ Factor to every element of your next event or experience.


What We Do – Our Values in Action

Respect our clients, colleagues, and guests

Elevate experiences and events by pushing the boundaries of what’s possible

Support our colleagues to ensure we all enjoy a work-life balance

Obsess over the big vision and smallest details, because both are essential to an exceptional experience

Nurture genuine relationships rather than transactions…and have lots of fun doing along the way

Adapt behind the scenes to create unparalleled experiences no matter the hurdles

Tenaciously pursue progress, challenging the ‘norm’ in everything we do

Ensure we mitigate client risk, communicate transparently, and do the right thing

In everything we do, we adhere to our core values of integrity, innovation, respect, fun and tenacity.