Bright Lights Music Series


Tourism PEI

Dates of Resonate XM Engagement:

Jan-Feb 2023

Resonate Rockstars:

Kim Doyle, Jillian O’Halloran, Adam MacLennan, Tricia Murphy, Nicholas Carelse

Resonate XM Network:

Tidal Event Management Systems Inc., Lake Design, House-Front / SSI

ConcertEvent Management Product Development

Tourism PEI is a provincial crown corporation focused on developing and promoting Prince Edward Island as one of the world’s leading destinations. In late 2022, Tourism PEI contracted joint proponents Tidal Event Management Systems Inc. and Resonate XM to develop and deliver a free world-class concert series, the Bright Lights Concert Series. The purpose of the concert series was to celebrate and thank the Island’s front-line workers for their contributions, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Challenge

Tourism PEI identified two integral requirements for the Bright Light Series: First, it had to be financially accessible (free) to all Islanders. Secondly, it had to be developed and delivered in a short period of time.  Further to these requirements, the client and proponents jointly agreed that the concert series guest experience had to be of the highest calibre. The concerts were to be nothing short of spectacular in every way.

The Resonate XM Solution

Resonate XM and Tidal Event Management Systems Inc. developed and delivered an engaging, community-focused concert series with headlining Canadian talent. The free series included two concerts in central PEI, one in eastern PEI and one in western PEI. Scheduled headlining acts included Brett Kissel, The Glorious Sons, and The Trews. The first two concerts ‘sold out’ within hours, reflecting the strong desire amongst Islanders to come together post-pandemic for an unforgettable music experience.

Pre-event and post-shows in surrounding communities supported further economic development.

The Resonate 'X' Factor'

The Resonate team harnessed its collective creativity to go above and beyond in providing an exceptional guest experience. After all, the purpose of the concert series was to say ‘thank-you’ to the Island’s front-line workers and put a spotlight on them for their dedication and hard work during the pandemic.

With that in mind, we flipped the script and made the audience the star of the show with these Resonating touches:

  • Islanders were invited to nominate front-line workers as Hometown Heroes 
  • hundreds of front-line workers (Hometown Heroes) were treated as VIP guests and invited to pre-event receptions with special performances. 
  • all guests received a PixMob wristband that was programmed to light up throughout the show, engaging the audience in a fresh, exciting way.

The post-event feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive, with Islanders expressing deep gratitude for the opportunity to enjoy a free concert with the very best of the best on stage.